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Room for Improvement - Bella's Bedroom

About a month ago, here, I wrote about Bella's bedroom, about how despite a lick of paint and a tidy up it still wasn't really meeting her needs or looking very nice. We've been tinkering about with it since then and I finally have some photos to show you.

And after!

We gave away the little table and chairs, moved things around and bought a deskchairbedside table and bookcase. All were from IKEA; affordable, convenient and well designed. Then Bella and I set about doing the fun bit - prettying it up.
I spray painted these old picture frames and we chose some favourite things to put in them. Postcards sent from grandparents on holiday, pictures Bella had drawn, felt animals, all sorts.

I particularly like Bella's interpretation of the royal wedding.

The desk works so well. Bella was ready for somewhere to sit and play/colour/write.

The chair was plain wood and I painted it with white eggshell and a tester pot of pink paint for the seat. By coincidence the pink matc…

Green Things and Holiday Souvenirs

Lou's challenge this week was to find something green. A green flower is actually quite tricky to find! I've gone for herbs (rosemary and chives) and some cow parsley; not herby, I know, but I do love it's frothy white flowers and it's everywhere at the moment. Staging these little arrangements is such fun and it gives me an excuse to go rummaging through cupboards for bottles, jugs, tea towels and all manner of things to make a little vignette that is nice to look at. After I'd photographed this one I realised that everything you see was brought back from a holiday. That Greengate tea towel under the bottle and book was bought from a lovely shop in Hereford called Berry Red, on holiday with my in-laws in 2010. And I found the Clover milk bottle in a little shop in Totnes for £2 when we were on holiday in Devon with my parents in 2011.  That book, Culinary and Salad Herbs (which is actually really interesting!), was purchased for about £1.50 from a charity shop in …

From the Garden

I've been reveling in our little garden these past couple of days, enjoying what it has to offer and bringing bits and pieces into the house. Our garden is small and I am not very green-fingered so it's always a bit of a surprise when I grow actually something - pretty or edible - that I can bring indoors. The bluebells enchant me. I love their wobbly purple-blue heads and long slender stems. I picked a couple with the last daffodil and one of the last tulips (they are really on their way out now, poor battered things) and put them in a glass bottle. I love this cluster on the mantle above; the egg cup and dala horse bring out the bright primary colours in the flowers.
The mood board arrangements were inspired by Caroline at scraps of us. She takes the most beautiful photos of her local area, her children, her crafty makes, vintage finds and  her home. She has an eye for really good composition and her blog is a visual treat. Do pop over to her blog and look at her monthly gard…


Remember on Friday when I said how tired we all were, how worn out, how sick of the cold wet weather, and how I needed some sunshine and a couple of days of nothing?Well, that's what we've had. It's been blissful.
The children and I spent Saturday morning doing some errands and having that hot chocolate and cake in the cafe that I'd promised them. When we got back I went into the back garden to hang out the washing and, instead of rushing through it as fast as possible keen to get on with the next task, I did it really, really slowly. I was enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face and taking in all the sounds and smells around me, thinking of nothing more than which item in the washing basket was next, which peg. Reach, peg, reach, peg. I made it last as long as possible, just enjoying the deep blue of the sky, the lush green leaves, the blinding white tea towels flapping around. Everything looked so vivid, extra-bright and saturated with colour.
We spent the rest of th…

52 Weeks of Happy...32/52

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

I had to dig deep for my happies this week. After a week which has felt rushed, even frantic at times, I find myself tonight feeling tired and frazzled. But when I sit here and think about it and look back through all the photos I took here and there, I find that yes, there was lots to be happy about this week. There is a bit of a food and flowers theme to the photos - two things which never fail to make me happy. So, joining in with Jen at little birdie, here are this weeks four happy things.
1. The garden. I don't know what kind of magnolia tree we have but it blooms later than the pale pink variety, and they last for months. The first flowers always cheer me. And the bluebells. Are they still bluebells if they're white? I always feel lucky that we have them. I didn't plant them and year after year they pop up and wave their blue and white heads at me. I might pick some this w…

Perking Up Your Plant Pots

About a month ago, on a very grey day, a little corner of our garden looked like this:

Some very dead plants (I think they were dahlias in a past life) and some sorry looking pots. My mum, who knows about gardening, helped me triage the plants - some were rescued but most were beyond hope. I decided to spruce up this corner with some elbow grease, a can or two of spray paint and a few new plants.
The result: Colour! Greenery! And, by some miracle, a little bit of sunshine.

I use a lot of pots and containers in our garden. I like how portable and versatile they are. Our outside space is small and as we live on a hill we have steps up to all our doors. I like to put pots on the decking in the back garden and on the wall by the front door and move them around depending on the time of year and what is in flower. I thought I would share this with you so here is a tutorial of sorts, should you wish to do something similar.
You will need:

1. Old garden pots. 2. A large bowl filled with hot soapy w…

Mr Snake

Hello there! I finally got round to taking some photos of the snake I crocheted Angus for his birthday. Here he is in all his garish, rainbow-striped glory.
He was completed at 11.30 pm the night before Angus's birthday - nothing like cutting it fine! I wish I'd had another week so that I could have made him longer. He measures 83 cm from nose to tail, which is fine, but a little longer would've made him more snakey. 

I call him Mr Snake. Angus wanted to name him "Angus". My children display a staggering lack of imagination in the naming of their toys. We have many bears called "bear" and rabbits called "bunny" and our dolls go by the names of "pink baby", "blue baby", "big baby" and the like. Actually, "Mr Snake" isn't all that creative now I come to think of it...

As you can see, he has a few, err, imperfections, which I like to think add to his overall charm. This project was a detour from my crochet…


This weekend we...

Celebrated a little boy's third birthday.Attended the local carnival (it rained, which is traditional).Watched inflatable wrestling, a first for all of us.Made giant tissue paper pompoms inside damp marquees.Jumped on a lot of inflatable things.Bought cakes, fudge and candy floss.Dodged the rain showers.Drank a lot of tea.Got very muddy shoes and regretted my poor choice of footwear.Ate Chinese take away.Watched the Eurovision Song Contest.
So a mixed bag but, considering the weather and that it was just the kids and I, not a bad weekend all things considered. In fact, rather a good one.