Green Things and Holiday Souvenirs

Lou's challenge this week was to find something green. A green flower is actually quite tricky to find! I've gone for herbs (rosemary and chives) and some cow parsley; not herby, I know, but I do love it's frothy white flowers and it's everywhere at the moment. Staging these little arrangements is such fun and it gives me an excuse to go rummaging through cupboards for bottles, jugs, tea towels and all manner of things to make a little vignette that is nice to look at. After I'd photographed this one I realised that everything you see was brought back from a holiday. That Greengate tea towel under the bottle and book was bought from a lovely shop in Hereford called Berry Red, on holiday with my in-laws in 2010. And I found the Clover milk bottle in a little shop in Totnes for £2 when we were on holiday in Devon with my parents in 2011.  That book, Culinary and Salad Herbs (which is actually really interesting!), was purchased for about £1.50 from a charity shop in Richmond while staying here with my best friend Abigail and her family also in 2011. Funny how I can remember all that!

Joining in with Lou's Nature in the Home series at her blog littlegreenshed.


I've had a bit of a tinker with my blog lately, creating buttons for my email, bloglovin', my Pinterest account and Instagram. I felt like l'd invented the internet when I finally got them to work! Huge thanks to my friend Jennifer at thistlebear for helping me with links and tips. I also removed my photo because it was annoying me. I will replace it whenever I find a picture of me that I like.


Finally, I recently had an email from Emma at Studio Lambert about a forthcoming BBC2 series about amateur interior designers. She asked me to help publicise the series as they are looking for people who might want to get involved. I agreed as this sounds like the kind of television I will enjoy watching. 

Details below:


Are you passionate about interior design?

Do you have a natural flair and creativity and think you have what it takes to improve the interiors of other people’s homes?

In a brand new, warm-hearted television series contestants will compete to be named the UK’s best amateur interior designer.

If you think you have what it takes please call 0207 534 2018 or email in order to receive an application.