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Big Hills and Big Skies

Yesterday we spent the day in the Yorkshire Dales with a group of friends who were camping near Appletreewick. The campsite is nestled in a picture-postcard spot right on the river Wharfe and as well as staying in your own tent, you can hire a bell tent or an old Airstream should you fancy. I think this is what's known as "glamping" and probably the closest I'll come to camping.

Our friends - six families in all - had set up a brilliant little camp with a communal kitchen area under a gazebo and lots of seating, and when we arrived a barbecue was going and beers were being opened, always a nice sight to be greeted with. Another family came along for the day too and altogether there were 13 adults and 14 children. I think. It was lovely, everyone was extremely relaxed. I hardly saw Bella and Angus the whole time we were in the campsite, they were so busy running around and playing and generally occupying themselves.

After a huge lunch I took Bella and Angus for what I t…

52 Weeks of Happy...37/52

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.
A little late but here all the same - joining in with the lovely Jen at little birdie, here are a few of the moments that have made me happy from the last week.
1. You guys! Thank you all so, so much for your comments and kind words, for stopping by and saying hello. Hello new followers, it's wonderful to have you here. And you all said such nice things about our home, too. I did only show you the tidy bits, I'm afraid. I didn't think anyone would want to see a photo of an overflowing washing basket or kitchen tiles that desperately need re-grouting. I didn't realise until people commented on it but yes, I do seem, to have a lot of radios. They don't all work - a couple are just there for the beauty of them or because they hold fond memories - but I have the radio on almost constantly and love it's company. I'm sorry that I can't reply to each comment, I just…

The Colour Collaborative: June - Home

For me, any thoughts on colour begin with the question: what is my favourite colour? I feel that by now, aged thirty five and with two kids and two homes under my belt, I really should know something as basic and fundamental as this. But it's a question which leaves me stumped. I don't really know. It changes all the time depending on my mood and the seasons. My children are very certain of their choices, in that simple way that small people are of everything in their world; Angus, at four, chooses orange (probably because it's the colour of most emergency vehicles) and six year old Bella loves turquoise. 
I am frequently drawn to yellow. I love it, particularly that perfect, sunny, buttercup shade which always makes me feel happy. I've even devoted a whole Pinterest board to it. But I wouldn't chose yellow clothes (although I happily carry my yellow satchel around with me everywhere I go). My clothes fall into a palate of blues, whites, creams and greys, with the o…

A Granny Square Throw (Mollie Makes Magazine)

This throw has been many things; a stash buster, a lesson in colour and randomness, a lesson in planning seasonal projects and something to keep my knees warm throughout this cold spring. I enjoyed it, then I became bored of it, then I enjoyed it again. I liked the colours, I hated the colours. Now it's finished you'll be glad to know I like them again. Very much in fact.
The pattern is from issue 21 of Mollie Makes, an edition which has "Seasons Greetings!" on the cover, which gives you an idea of how long it's been sitting on my coffee table. I started it in February and, apart from a baby blanket and a snake, I've worked continuously on this project throughout these last four months. Is that a really long time or a not? I don't know. I tend to be a project finisher. WIPs annoy me, I like to start something and complete it. If things drag on I lose interest. But while crocheting this blanket it occurred to me that there is a reason why blankets take a ye…

Midsummer Rain

When it rains throughout the weekend of the summer solstice you can:
Make a Victoria sandwich cake.Go to your local bookshop for coffee, cake and new books.*Buy yet more peonies.Finish the border on a crochet throw.Go to York for the day; stroll around the streets in a raincoat, admire the Minster, have a very nice lunch out, frighten yourself stupid on The Wheel of York (think: heights, high winds and a very flimsily built capsule) then decide to buy divine smelling soap based purely upon the appeal of it's name from here.Play with arrangements on the mantle piece.Buy self-tanning moisturiser.Block the crochet throw.Lament the lateness of the strawberries this year.
Well it would be boring if the weather behaved itself, wouldn't it? And today Wimbledon starts so, like many other British folk, I will become tennis obsessed for the next fortnight despite ignoring the sport's existence for the fifty other weeks of the year.