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Lavender Fields

We spent Saturday morning at a very beautiful lavender farm not far from Abigail's house, where we are currently staying.

It was a hot, sultry morning - in fact, we had thunder storms that afternoon and evening - and the scent of the flowers was heady and intense.

It's a very photogenic place. 

It's not large, you couldn't really spend more than a couple of hours there but it's time enough to wander up and down the fields and take lots of photos then retreat to the shady cafe and shop area.

They sell freshly cut lavender by the bunch (as well as every type of lavender-related gift you could imagine) and I bought one to dry out when I get back to Leeds. There is also a menu of lavender flavoured drinks, bread, shortbread and tea among other things. The ice cream is exceptional. Just lavender-y enough.

I became obsessed with trying to photograph a butterfly.

Difficult. They move to fast for me! These shots were the best I could manage.

After we'd sampled the wares and made the children pose for about one hundred photos (trying to get a baby, a three year old, a four year old and a six year old to all smile and look at the camera at the same time is a challenge) we went home. 

Lovely place, lovely people.

We go back to Leeds tomorrow. It's been a such good week here with our friends; slow and relaxing with lots of time to do nothing much but chat and play with the babies, and we managed to squeeze in a day trip to London too. Then it's back to emails, washing, errands, appointments and a big blog reading catch up.

And if all that purple was a bit much, here's some colour from our week.


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