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In the Garden

Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for the brilliant response to my holiday money dilemma. Such wonderful suggestions and tips! I don't quite know where to start but the main thing is I am no longer worried, I am instead very excited, so that is good. I suspect I am doing a fair bit of stress displacement here, ie. worrying like mad about holiday budgets instead of big things like jobs and how far redundancy money will stretch.
We (six children, seven adults) are staying in a self catering villa in a tiny village in rural south-west France. If you imagine a triangle between Cognac, Bordeaux and Angouleme, we will be roughly in the centre of that area. Most of our meals will be eaten at home I should think, so lots of opportunity to save money there. I will make sure I'm super organised and have drinks and snacks at all times for even the hungriest child. And adult. I've had a look further into boring things like mileage, diesel and toll road costs and satisfied myself that budgets w…

Some thoughts on holiday budgets and July in Instagram

I've just spent a very pleasant hour sitting at my mother-in-law's table with a cup of tea catching up on some blog reading. At least four of the posts I read today were all about holidays in France and I enjoyed every one of them. We are going to France soon (two weeks today in fact!) and John asked me this morning if I was looking forward to it. I took so long to answer that I kind of answered his question. I have so much to do between now and then, so much to occupy me and think about, that I can't really see beyond that. We get back the Sunday before term starts so I need to feel organised before our holiday begins. 
And I'm worried about money. I've been told by someone who just returned from France that everything was horribly, ludicrously expensive. Whether this is due to the exchange rate or their expectations I don't know. People who've recently been to France - did you find this to be the case? I'm worried that what we've budgeted for spend…

52 Weeks of Happy...42/52

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.
It's Friday night. We've just come back from a very nice meal at the local pub with John's lovely parents. We spent our day in the park, in the garden, shopping, eating ice cream. The kids are asleep. The weather is glorious - still! - and I'm deciding which craft project to start next which might be one of my all time favourite things to do. I'm happy. So, joining in with my friend Jen at little birdie, here are this weeks happy things:
1. This little embroidery was an unexpected gift from Abigail. The text is a saying which she uses constantly.* I especially like the way she stitched over her own, unique handwriting rather than fancy script. I will treasure it.
2. Lavender from the lavender farm. I've hung it up to dry out and it smells out of this world. Not everyone likes the smell of lavender. I have to admit I don't much like it's scent when it's bee…