52 Weeks of Happy...42/52

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.

It's Friday night. We've just come back from a very nice meal at the local pub with John's lovely parents. We spent our day in the park, in the garden, shopping, eating ice cream. The kids are asleep. The weather is glorious - still! - and I'm deciding which craft project to start next which might be one of my all time favourite things to do. I'm happy. So, joining in with my friend Jen at little birdiehere are this weeks happy things:

1. This little embroidery was an unexpected gift from Abigail. The text is a saying which she uses constantly.* I especially like the way she stitched over her own, unique handwriting rather than fancy script. I will treasure it.

2. Lavender from the lavender farm. I've hung it up to dry out and it smells out of this world. Not everyone likes the smell of lavender. I have to admit I don't much like it's scent when it's been processed into soaps, candles and the like, but just-cut lavender, fresh from the field...lush.

3. I treated myself to a new necklace. Jen at little birdie wrote about Layla Amber's work a while ago and I knew it was only a matter of time before I made a little purchase. I think she epitomises the best of individual, smaller sellers: gorgeous products, well made, fairly priced and beautifully packaged. I do like pretty packaging.

4. The sunflowers I planted in front of the wall by our front door are looking magnificent! They come up to my shoulder now and every day a couple more open up. I can't help smiling as I walk up the front steps towards the door...until I see the peeling paint all around the lock then I think we MUST get that door painted.

Thank you for all your fabulous comments lately...and hello new followers! Thanks again - always - for stopping by and reading. You are all my cup of tea.


*It's an old nautical saying; the "cut of the jib" - jib being a type of sail  - would determine the way a ship would sail. It's one of those expressions you use when you know you like someone but can't always say exactly why. It means something like "I like your style". I would say "He/she is exactly my cup of tea".